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Guaranteed Rents

Guaranteed Rents.

What is Guaranteed rent?
Guaranteed Rent management scheme offers a trusted and reliable fixed rental scheme with none of the hassles you normally encounter in letting your property. The security of fixing the rental income and costs brings great peace of mind to the landlords, as well as creating a stable platform for accelerated property investment.

What are the benefits of Guaranteed rent?
Imagine letting your property but never having to chase the rent, fix the tap or find a tenant again ? Imagine receiving your rent every month, on time and without lifting a finger. Fixed Guaranteed Rent offers a trusted, tested and reliable scheme.

What is included?
A bespoke package is put together for every single Landlord, as some Landlords want 100% peace of mind and absolutely no hassle, where others are prepared to pay for repairs etc separately. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and we will try to accommodate all of your requests and requirements.

How long can I have Guaranteed rent for?
The minimum contract length for Guaranteed rent is 2 years and the maximum is 5 years, however, this is subject to your property being inspected and accepted on to the scheme.

How does it work?
If your property is empty or the tenant fails to pay the rent on time (or at all), you will still get paid in full, on a specific date each and every month. No need to chase the tenants, or worry about having to cover the cost of the rent arrears or empty periods.

How much will I get?
You will receive an agreed net guaranteed rental income of between up to 90% of the current market rate for your property. The difference between the gross and the net is used to take care of all the costs and maintenance associated with the property to ensure that it is kept in a good condition. (subject to the bespoke service that has been agreed with yourself)

Is there any extra fees?
There are no charges for becoming a landlord or setting the contract up, no tenant introductions fees, no commissions and absolutely no 'hidden extras' to pay. We effectively become your tenant, so it is vital that the tenants we select treat your property with respect. There are no deductions from the funds you will receive from us, subject to the package you have selected.

What's next?
Contact us by phone, fax or email.